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Electronics Services

JJG Electronics division, over the past forty years, has become one of the top specialized systems integrator in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With full command over the various technologies and products available around the world; and the well informed, committed and trained personnel to use them, the company’s objective to fulfil the demanding requirements and objectives of individual clients are met with ease. JJG, ranked Classification 1 in Electronics (Tasneef) by Ministry of Works, now provides some of the best possible engineering services & solutions to insure client’s satisfaction.

The company’s success in this field is now evident in its reputation in the market as a top quality engineering service provider in the following domains;

  • Integrated Safety Systems
  • Integrated Security Systems
  • Hospitality Systems
  • ICT Systems
  • Audio Visual System
  • Lighting & Green power solutions.

We have a worldwide network of suppliers for our core solutions, with long standing relationships. Our principals are leaders in their respective product lines. Our engineers are regularly trained with the principals and continuous interaction and communication with our principals helps us assimilate latest technologies, by virtue of which, we are able to serve our clients with the best possible solutions for their requirements in the following fields;

IP VIDEO SURVEILLANCE: Round the clock video surveillance with analytical video intelligence for proactive threat response. 

ADVANCE SURVEILLANCE: Thermal Imaging, License plate recognition and Under vehicle surveillance system. 

RFID AND ACCESS CONTROL: No unauthorized entry of people and vehicles. Track all movements. 

INTRUSION ALARM : No forced entries. Full protection to everyone and everything inside. 

PERIMETER SECURITY: Highest protection for the most vulnerable sites. No intrusions, no false alarms. 

MOVEMENT CONTROL – PEOPLE : Glass Revolving Doors, Turnstiles to complement access control with style. 

MOVEMENT CONTROL – VEHICLES: Smart Parking Management and Revenue system, Car Park Guidance System, Rising kerbs, bollards, sliding gates, boom barriers, UVSS. Access denied is crime prevented. 

SCANNERS: X-ray, Metal/Narcotics/Explosive Detectors/ High Energy Detection, High Energy Scanners. Block not just “who” but “what” comes in, from small baggage to full 40 foot containers. 

FIRE ALARM AND EARLY WARNING: Addressable, Aspirating smoke detection and Linear Heat detection systems that follow one basic convention – protect assets. 

FIBER OPTIC AND RADIO CONNECTIVITY: Connecting all the subsystem together, securely and reliably. 

C3I: Intelligent Communication, Command, Control Center for mission Critical operations. 

COUNTERTERRORISM EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS: For law enforcement, covert surveillance, crime fighting. 

PUBLIC ADDRESS : Crisp and clear audio throughout the facility for announcements and entertainment. 

ICT : High bandwidth, robust and redundant infrastructure for mission critical application. 

INDUSTRIAL COMMUNICATION : Voice Alarm, Evacuation sirens, for industrial and hazardous environment. 

VIDEO CONFERENCING : Interact live and share media in real time with colleagues across the world. 

AUDIOVISUAL : Video/data projection with audio/music for any board room or home theater. 

NURSE CALL : Advanced systems for modern hospitals committed to professional patient care. 

GRM SYSTEM : Guest Room Management Systems, High quality automations for Hotels and Resorts.

DIMMING, ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING : Accentuate the elegance of your building from inside and outside. 

STUDIO AND BROADCAST : Complete studio/control room equipment for modern radio stations. 

BROADCAST MONITORING : Monitoring and recording Radio and Television stations. 

CATV AND IP TV : High quality and channelized distribution of satellite and terrestrial TV programs and on Demand Videos.

CONFERENCE AND SIS : For parliaments or corporate board rooms with simultaneous interpretation. 

IP TELEPHONY : High quality Crisp and clear audio. 

POWER SYSTEM : Solar and UPS Power System.